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3 Ways to Effectively Boost your Warehouse Safety

We at Shirley Industrial Painters, know the importance of keeping your warehouse safe for your workers and staff; that is why, using our knowledge and experience, we have come up with three concrete ways to boost the safety of your warehouse. These simple tips will go a long way in not only protecting your workers, but also your business as a whole.

Heavy Equipment Training

In a warehouse, it is common to use heavy equipment like forklifts, and many accidents occur during the use of this equipment due to improper training or use. These accidents are a liability for a business, and let’s not forget the impact to safety of your employees due to injuries and overall risk.

That is why you should always ensure that the staff operating the heavy equipment must get the right training first and thereafter have the proper license to operate the equipment – it’s often a legal requirement for a reason. Even if it’s not, operating heavy machinery without proper training is a sure-fire way to create massive safety risks within a warehouse.

Keeping High Traffic Areas Clutter-free

Accidents also are caused when high traffic areas and walkways are cluttered with things like empty boxes, packing materials, and pallets. Often, in warehouses, these items are handled frequently and are just discarded without taking into account safety considerations. You need to ensure that your warehouse staff are trained to properly store these items away or dispose of them appropriately, so that walkways and high-traffic areas are clear and free from obstruction. This will minimise the chances of tripping and falling.

Renovating Warehouse Flooring

Renovating your warehouse flooring is a must if you want to boost the safety of your warehouse – there are a number of specifically designed safety flooring options which we can supply, made with warehouse safety in mind. For this reason, you should closely look at flooring types such as epoxy flooring; this is the ideal flooring for industrial settings, as it is durable and perfect for surfaces used by heavy machinery and, as a result, the surface becomes impact-resistant.

Above all, it is the epoxy coating on the floor which will make it anti-skid. You also have the option of adding slip-resistant additives to avoid slips and falls. In addition, epoxy flooring will bring down your maintenance costs, as the floor will become easy to clean.

If you are looking to upgrade or renovate the flooring of your warehouse, in order to make it safer for your workers, contact Shirley Industrial Painters today. We have a vast amount of experience, expertise and skill in providing safe and cost-efficient industrial flooring to suit your needs. With our epoxy flooring, you’ll easily and effectively be able to minimise the risk of falls and make your warehouse a safe working environment.

We service Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Worcester and Solihull areas; contact us today and we would be glad to help you make the right decision for your warehouse flooring needs.

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