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How Commercial Decorating Services Benefit Your Business

When it comes to business, image is extremely important and this has been the same since branding has existed: it’s not likely to change either. If you’re looking to maintain (or grow) a successful business – whether this is digitally, or physically – you need to present yourself in such a way that entices customers and gives them a reason to keep coming back.

Here at Shirley Industrial Painters & Decorators Ltd, we have over 45 years of experience in helping businesses achieve the identity they desire with our commercial decorating services, so we have put together some reasons as to why this is so important.


Branding is an essential aspect of developing a business, and part of establishing and maintaining a coherent image for your business is to ensure your storefront represents your company correctly and matches the image you have developed.

In branding your business coherently throughout all points of contact for customers, you are getting yourself noticed – standing out from every other store facade – and then retaining these customers. Consistency here is key. You don’t want a beautiful interior to be met with a lacklustre facade, or vice versa, so ensuring that first impression is memorable is key.


They say that word of mouth is the best form of marketing, and a great method for getting people talking about your business is to show them how unique and special your company is. Again, back with the theme of consistency, you want to impress your customers throughout every interaction they have with you – from the first contact to recurring purchases, and beyond.

In showing customers a (positively) memorable image of your business, they’re more likely to share their experience with the people they know and it spreads like wildfire from there!


Finally, we can start to talk about money. It’s business 101, so you don’t really need us to tell you this, but the previous two sections have been culminating a customer base and giving people a reason to spend their money with your company. In essence, an interesting and impressive storefront will lead to garnering customers and growing your business, so commercial decorating services are essential for success in any industry with a physical space.

Shirley Industrial Painters & Decorators Ltd

We’ve talked a big game thus far, but we really can deliver in helping your business grow and creating an intriguing brand image for your company with our commercial decorating services.

If you’d like to hear more about what we can do, please get in touch with us by calling on 03333 660 408 or filling out our simple contact form and a member of our team will handle your enquiry.

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