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Why Effective Colours Are Vital For Retail

Sharp slogans, cool catchphrases and moving mission statements might bring in customers, but once they’re in your premises the only thing that will keep them there is commercial decoration. In a split second we can draw interest from a passer-by or incite angst in a loyal customer, all because of the impact that something as simple as colour can have on consumer behaviour.

Time is of the essence

The first impression a customer has sets the tone for the rest of their shopping experience, and this overall impression will be informed by space, movement and colour. Details such as a bespoke staircase, contrasting colours or unique fonts come next, and only after that do we begin to justify our behaviour with verbal reasons for our choices.

The 80/20 Law

First impressions are often created by what’s called the ‘primary colour’ of a store. The 80/20 Law is a common feature of interior design, and serves as a rule of thumb when we opt for a complimentary colour scheme instead of a single tone in various shades. A cover of 80 per cent bold primary colour can set the scene for a quick purchase if you run a bustling department store or a slow meander if you run an upmarket boutique.

Impressions and Instincts

Because visual features stand out, and are more easily recalled than slogans or statements, various colours have certain fixed cultural associations. They have become instinct, and allow us to weave positive associations for our customer by aligning our colour scheme with our ethos, and our ethos with popular sentiment.

Colours are so closely tied to instincts that they have physiological effects as well as emotional ones. Red, for example, can actually increase a person’s metabolism, agitate them and increase their blood pressure. It’s used to signal immediate action, such as ‘Stop’ or ‘Sale’, and is the colour equivalent of an exclamation mark. As such it should be used sparingly. On the other hand, blue is the most successful colour in poster advertising, and is proven to lead to conversions. Culturally it represents trust and loyalty, together with transparency and the spaciousness of sea or sky.

For reliable advice grounded in experience and expertise, contact us here at Shirley Industrial Painters to find out how to turn your shop into an icon. With over 40 years in the business, our experts are here to help you make that lasting impression. Get in touch by phone or using our website’s online contact form – a member of our team will happily help you with advice and information on enhancing your business.

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