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Feng Shui In The Office: How It Can Help

Are you wondering how you could increase productivity in the office? In this latest blog post, Shirley Industrial Painters discuss the benefits of redecorating and how Feng Shui in the office could be the solution you’re looking for.


What is Feng Shui? 


Feng shui is a pseudoscience originating from China used to assess the good or bad energy of a space. It is essentially a system of laws, surrounding the five elements, that should be followed when carrying out spatial arrangement to ensure favourable effects. The pseudoscience isn’t extensively researched, however it is widely practiced around the world, with some architectural firms advertising they incorporate it into their services. Additionally, office Feng Shui has become increasingly popular in recent years.


Feng Shui in the Office.


Step 1. Asses the layout of furniture in the office. Whether it be a big office you’re in charge of, or your own individual workstation, look at the distribution of furniture. Is there too much or too little? Is it spread evenly throughout the space? Take a moment to think about how you feel in this environment. Having a good office layout can increase people’s positivity of being in the area and increase productivity.


Step 2. Continuing from step 1, check your work space for clutter. If there are too many items on your desk which make it hard to work, consider doing a big tidy-up. Having a mess where you work can affect your ability to focus and also decrease your motivation. Tidiness represents order meaning you can have a more stable and organised work day.


Step 3. Believe it or not, the material of a desk can have an effect on office Feng Shui. If you’re in a position to buy a new desk, consider doing so, however, if you’re not there a few tips that help solve this issue. Glass desks portray instability, so try and use some fabric or mats for some more balance. Wooden desks represent a more wild tone which can interfere with focus, so again you could use some pieces of fabric, or you can add plants which purify the air around them and demonstrate creativity and growth.


Step 4. Think about the colours in your office. Colour is one of the most contributing factors to our moods, so having effective colours where you work is important. Change out any dull and bleak colours for something bright and inspiring. If the colours of the office aren’t something you can control, think about adding some pictures or paintings around your workspace. Choose some of your favourite colours as these will make you feel calmer and improve your motivation.


Step 5. Keep these changes in place. If making these changes help improve your working day, then make sure it stays that way. Keep on top of any clutter or untidiness around the office and make your environment one you’re happy to be in.


Shirley Industrial Painters and Decorators Ltd

If reading this blog on office Feng Shui, has made you realise your workplace needs redecorating, find out how we can help. For more information, get in touch via our contact form or call us on 0121 706 4000.

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