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Busting Common Epoxy Flooring Myths

Epoxy is essentially a material, usually adhesive or plastic, composed of synthetic resins and hardeners that combine to form a rigid material. Because of its composition, epoxy is designed to bond well with other materials, acquiring a plethora of characteristics that promote resilience, durability, and a sleek appearance. Installing epoxy flooring is as simple as applying multiple layers of epoxy to a surface that is at least 2mm thick.

1) Epoxy Flooring Isn’t Durable

Epoxy flooring is actually extremely durable especially when done by a professional. It can withstand more than just the usual everyday wear and tear subjected to most hard floors and can be parked on, worked on, and even have heavy items stored on it with no visible damage.

2) Epoxy Flooring Is Too Expensive

When making modifications to your home, the first thing you’ll undoubtedly consider is your budget. While many people believe that epoxy flooring is a more expensive option, it may in fact be the more cost-effective choice depending on the size of your floor space and your business and residential needs.

Many people think it is pricey because they believe epoxy is simply a high-priced sort of paint. Epoxy, in reality, is a form of resin – an additional layer that hardens to offer your floor great strength, longevity, and quality. This increases the durability of the flooring and assures that any structures or equipment you have in your garage will not damage it.

It’s also a chemical that cures rather than dries, giving your flooring surface more resilience. It’s important to consider how long you want your flooring to last, what you’ll be storing on it, and, of course, your budget.

3) You Can DIY Epoxy Flooring

You may believe that doing your own epoxy floor coating is simple due to the popularity of TV home improvement shows. DIY epoxy kits are not of the same high quality as professional epoxy supplies. Attempting to do your own floors may end up costing more time and you run the risk of forfeiting quality in the long run.

4) You Can Use Paint Instead of Epoxy

This is one of the most common urban legends. Epoxy flooring provides the greatest quality when installed properly and by an expert. The unique thermosetting resin is extremely strong.
Epoxy is usually moisture-resistant. As a result, it is suitable for all seasons of the year. This is a level of quality that ordinary paint cannot match. Epoxy is the finest choice for durability when cleaning your floor. To sweep up dust and debris, simply use a wet mop or broom. Cleaning is simple thanks to the epoxy floor coating resins and hardeners.

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