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How Commercial Decorating Can Help Impress Clients

First impressions are important, and as a business, it is essential that you impress clients in any way you can to secure their business. Commercial decorating is a service that can help to do this by elevating the appearance of your office or retail space.

Here at Shirley Industrial Painters & Decorators Limited, we have been providing commercial decorating services to businesses throughout Birmingham for the past 45 years. This has helped us learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to impressing clients with your commercial space, which we have decided to detail below in our latest blog post.


First and foremost, before you can start making changes to impress clients, you need to identify the aspects of your interior and exterior design that might be deterring them. At this stage, it is definitely worth utilising additional pairs of eyes – ideally a professional – as they can use their expertise to help inform the right design decisions.

Consider Your Clientele

If making more sales and appealing to customers is your main intention when redesigning your commercial space, you should consider what is going to benefit your clients the most. This can include things like making the space stylish but comfortable and interesting but not distracting. The idea is to strike the right balance between impressing your customer but making sure it’s easy to conduct business at the same time.

Matching Your Company Ethos

Creating a strong brand image is important for earning the trust of your customers. In order to do this, your company ethos should be reflected in the way you decorate your commercial space and vice versa. This can materialise in the decor, for example, if your company is a traditional jeweller it will be culturally shocking for your clients if your office is full of modern furniture and bold colours.


Striking the right lighting balance is essential as you don’t want it to be harshly bright, yet doom and gloom isn’t appealing to clients either. If possible, you should make the most of the natural light available. Do your best to replicate natural light if this isn’t available.


The floor of your commercial space has to withstand a lot and it can be obvious when it’s in bad condition. To combat this, make sure to keep your floor in good condition and choose the right material for your company. For example, in a busy and loud environment, a carpet flooring can help to muffle the sound and make the space more comfortable for your clients.


Equipment is key, and although the saying goes ‘all the gear and no idea’, clients are much more likely to be impressed if you are working with the right tools. That’s why it’s important – not only for your company efficiency but for impressing clients – to ensure your equipment is top of the range, within your means.


The very first impression of your business is, in fact, the exterior of your space is another important facet of impressing clients. You should, then, also apply the aforementioned steps to the exterior of your building to ensure it is enticing and customers are impressed. This means matching the design to your ethos, working with what you have, and keeping everything well-maintained is essential.


Once you have laid all of the groundwork with your commercial space, it doesn’t stop there. You then need to implement a few ongoing procedures that will help to ensure your commercial decorating project was not carried out in vain.

Some of these things include:

  • Regular and sustained maintenance
  • Frequent, professional cleaning
  • Input from all employees – such as keeping their personal spaces clean and respecting communal areas
  • The little details that make customers’ experience with you just that bit more enjoyable and pleasant, such as refreshments while they wait

A Consistent Business Image

In essence, the key to a successful commercial decorating project and impressing clients with how your physical space works is to extend a coherent and synergistic appearance that is well maintained and consistent throughout. If you can manage to do this, you are much more likely to impress clients upon their first impression.

Shirley Industrial Painters & Decorators Limited

If you would like help from a professional commercial decorating company to further impress your clients, look no further than Shirley Industrial Painters & Decorators. We are a team of experts based in the Birmingham area with a wealth of experience in a host of industries.

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