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How to Make Your Business Exterior Stand Out

Most businesses often put little consideration into the exterior of their office buildings, choosing to focus instead on the interior design. However, in a competitive climate such as this one, it is integral that your office exterior is distinct, memorable, and visually pleasing. Your building can and should be, used as a bonus advertising board; acting as a representative for your business for those who aren’t aware of your services. Below, Shirley Industrial Painters have offered three key measures you can take to make your sure that your business exterior stands out.

Consider Your Brand

What better way to inform passersby exactly what your business is about than by offering a very visual indication on your office building? Apple is a great example of a strong brand look; their global mission and technological advances bleed through to the architectural design of their retail stores. More often than not, their stores are constructed with top-to-bottom glass to let those walking past know that they are truly missing out. One simple way to ensure that your business exterior reflects your ethics and branding is by not overlooking the importance of your logo – instant recognition of a brand is key to creating trusting relationships with your potential customers.


Consider the street in which your business is located and take a look at the surrounding buildings. Are there any that you would like to emulate within your own design? There are a thousand reasons why colour can psychologically affect the opinion of your business, so do not hesitate to utilise this within your building design. For example, a deep red paint would indicate strength, power, or love, whereas a cool blue could be associated with cleanliness and tranquillity (and is the colour often favoured by corporations across the world). Take a look at our previous blog post wherein we delve further into why colour is vital for business establishments, particularly those in retail.


Separate yourselves from your competitors by introducing eco-friendly elements into your workplace. Installing eco-friendly processes such as solar panels will immediately inform your building visitors that you are a modern company that wholly believes in sustainable living.

In our time of operation, Shirley Industrial Painters has amassed a vast array of building exterior experience, having expertly painted buildings in both the industrial and commercial sectors. If you would like to enhance your business through its exterior appearance, get in touch with the team today by calling 03333 660 408. We are confident that we can service your needs to a premium level.

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