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The Steps to Removing Outdoor Graffiti.

No matter how artistic it is, outdoor graffiti can be a very frustrating and often unappealing addition to a building. It can be a lengthy process to return a building to an acceptable condition when removing outdoor graffiti from a building. If you are wondering what the steps are to successfully remove that pesky outdoor graffiti and leave your building looking good as new, read on to find out.

Step One: Removing the Outdoor Graffiti

Shot blasting methods such as soda blasting can remove the offending graffiti from the wall. This will also help remove any debris and loose material before preparation for repair. Best commandeered by a professional, methods to remove graffiti will likely leave the wall in a condition that needs a bit of added TLC in the form of protective coatings and redecoration to bring it back up to standard.

Step Two: Repairs

To repair a wall and prepare it for decoration, a primer or protective coating can be applied. Cracks and damage should be repaired and smoothed down at this stage. Moisture content of the wall surface should be no higher than 18%. A well primed and prepared wall will make industrial and commercial decorating far easier and provide a smoother application.

Step Three: Redecorating

Once your wall is prepared and completely dry, and outdoor graffiti is removed, decorating can begin! Commercial decorating and industrial painting are processes in which beautiful redecoration can be achieved on external walls. It is important to redecorate after outdoor graffiti is removed, even if you are worried that defacing may occur again. This is to avoid the ‘broken window theory or effect’, where an unsightly environment encourages further decline and misuse.

Step Four: Prevention Measures

After the removal and redecoration process, you may want to consider implementing measures for the prevention of further outdoor graffiti cases. You may be able to install some gating/fencing, or a CCTV security system as a prevention method. If graffiti is a common occurrence on your property, then these may be worthwhile investments to deter offenders away.

Shirley Industrial Painters

Shirley Industrial Painters and Decorators Ltd are a family run business with almost 50 years of experience. If there is an external or internal problem, including outdoor graffiti, we are able to provide all the steps required to fix it. We can provide shot blasting along with preparations and protective coatings, finished with specialist commercial decorating methods including industrial painting.

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