At Shirley Industrial Painters and Decorators Limited, we are a family-run business with over 45 years of experience in dealing with a range of surface preparation services, including shot blasting.

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Shot Blasting For Surface Restoration in Wolverhampton

Using the precise measurement of pressure combined with the correct blasting application, we can blast away any damage or paintwork clean from a range of surfaces such as wood, brick, steel and concrete without harming or damaging the structure of the material.

Preparation work often includes the monitoring and provision of dust extraction and dust containment equipment to ensure minimal damage is inflicted upon the environment and the surrounding areas, leaving us with the ideal surface ready for application of other protective coatings or paints to be applied.

Supplies From Industry-Leading Manufacturers

We source only the highest quality coatings from leading manufacturers such as Hempel Coatings, Protega Coatings, Sherwin-Williams and International. Even architecturally specified materials can be acquired upon request, simply let us know and we’ll get the required materials.

To prepare a surface for painting, we can carry out shot blasting to ensure that a smooth, seamless finish can be achieved. Over the years, we’ve carried out this treatment at various sites across Wolverhampton, working with a wide range of clients to deliver the high-quality service they require at a competitive price.

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