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What Are the Benefits of the Shot Blasting Process?

Shot blasting is a procedure that is exponentially useful in every industry that utilises metal, which can range from the aerospace sector to shipbuilding, to motoring. You now might be asking yourself why the shot blasting process is so widely utilised, so Shirley Industrial Painters are going to run you through some of the most ubiquitous benefits of shot blasting in this blog.


Shot blasting is different from other metal-cleaning methods in that it’s a far ‘cleaner’ process overall. For example, there is a strong emphasis placed upon it being environmentally friendly, or more so than other processes, because the ‘shots’ are recyclable and there are no harsh chemicals involved.

The cleaned metal is also free of deposits and residue from the process, which means it is better prepared for what it has in store next. Furthermore, there is no layer of fresh metal removed, so the shot blasting process is consequently very efficient.


In terms of a long-lasting effect on the metal, the shot blasting process dramatically improves the durability and longevity of the protective coatings that are applied afterwards. This is due to the effectiveness of shot blasting at removing the rust or other debris, and then not leaving any residue that can tamper with the bond between the metal and the new protective coating.


Finally, the shot blasting process is one of the most controllable cleaning and polishing processes for metal available, which is arguably the most pervasive of the ubiquitous reasons for utilising the procedure. Whether you’re looking for a smooth, matte, or polished finish, shot blasting is ideal for removing the excess forged material and restoring the glory of the metal.

Give it a Shot

Essentially, the shot blasting is extremely effective at delivering the finished product of your choice, with very few drawbacks whatsoever. With the clean, long-lasting, and adaptable nature of the process, you should consider it the next time you need metal cleaning or preparing.

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