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The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring and How It Can Transform Your Business

Many businesses are now using epoxy flooring, as it not only creates an attractive surface but also remains durable and extremely long-lasting. The first thing you notice when entering a business isn’t normally the floor, however, we forget that the flooring is an essential part of any business and if untreated can be uneven and dangerous. If your business is just starting out and you have recently bought a new warehouse or showroom in Wolverhampton that has gone untreated, protecting your floor is the first task that should be taken on.

It is usually used on concrete floors and acts as a coating, sealing it and creating an even level. The majority of commercial and industrial businesses will be using a coated floor, large companies such as garden centres, DIY stores, car showrooms, warehouses and supermarkets will often use the coating for its durability.

We’ve outlined the benefits of coating your floor and why ensuring your floors are treated can reduce workplace injuries and create a pleasing professional finish.


Epoxy flooring comes in a variety of different colours and styles, allowing you to decorate your business to your own taste and keep it in line with your branding. Many coatings come with the option of having a shiny or matte finish.


Coating a concrete floor adds years of life to a floor, as concrete can often become cracked and crumbled. With an epoxy finish, you are left with a durable hard-wearing floor that lasts longer and can save you money. The strength of these coatings is much higher than that of a standard concrete floor, so you’re guaranteed to not need to replace your flooring in the near future.

Low Maintenance

In comparison to concrete, epoxy is not porous and can be quickly and easily cleaned should any spillages occur. It’s also resistant to chemicals and is a great solution for DIY businesses and warehouses.


With a smooth and even surface, productivity in the workplace can increase as transportation of materials becomes easier, reduces wear on vehicles and decreases chances of floor damage.


Applying a protective coating to your floor is quick and easy. Applications generally do not require businesses to close and can therefore be applied during normal hours without major interruption.

The Environment

Using epoxy flooring requires no other materials and is the eco-friendly option to flooring solutions. With minimal materials used and the exclusion of vehicles required to install it, it makes a great alternative to building a completely new floor.

Brightness and Space

The high reflection qualities of floor coatings increase the room’s brightness considerably, often creating the illusion of more space.

If your business is based in Wolverhampton and is looking for epoxy flooring solutions then Shirley Industrial Painters can provide a cost-effective and convenient application. Please call us on 03333 660 408 for more information or feel free to send us an email on Alternatively, fill out your details on our contact form and one of our friendly team members will be in touch as soon as possible.

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