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The Challenges of Commercial Painting

Commercial painting is a tough industry to occupate, but a rewarding one at that. There are a variety of challenges – some obvious, and some less so – that complicate the projects of a commercial painting firm, but nothing great ever comes easy, right? Since we are industry experts here at Shirley Industrial Painters, we thought we’d run you through some in this blog post.

Commercial-Grade Products

Since the facade of a commercial or industrial building has to withstand greater wear and tear than that of a residential property, industrial-strength materials are required. Henceforth, further training and an encyclopaedic knowledge of these materials is important for achieving the most out of the products – which are, naturally, at a greater cost for the company. This leads to further training by employers and greater complications for employees.

Communicating and Logistics

It makes sense for commercial painting projects to have a wider range of moving parts than residential painting, just for sheer numbers and the act of having to work around another business. This leads to further requirement for precise planning and having the whole team – from project manager to decorators themselves – being on the same page at all times. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, which could result in an unsatisfactory service for the client. Henceforth, it’s important to appreciate the attention to detail in this preparation and communication from the commercial painting firm when the project comes to fruition, which is often an overlooked aspect of successfully completing any job for any business.

Working on the Schedule of Others

Since commercial painting businesses are working with other businesses as clients, there are variables to manoeuvre around that are out of their control. This could range from other contractors performing other tasks during the construction/renovation of a property, or the normal operations of the company itself with employees and customers having to be accounted for without disruption. This means that working hours for these firms can be antisocial, but also outlines that the extra attention paid to others pays testament to the accommodating nature of commercial painting companies that allows for plain sailing for the client and their customers.

Working at Height

Since the scale of projects in commercial painting is elevated, there is often a need to utilise specialist equipment for scaling the side of buildings. This equipment can range from ladders to scaffolding, to swing stages and beyond and requires extensive training and safety precautions to be taken to ensure the proper use of the equipment reduces the danger of the process.

In conclusion, while commercial painting is an incredibly exciting and fulfilling industry, there are a lot of moving parts that can hinder productivity or the overall success of a project. Thankfully, we have a great understanding of the commercial painting industry and over 45 years of experience to cater to any requirements for your project. If you’d like to hear more, please get in touch; you can call us on 03333 660 408 or fill out our simple contact form.

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