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The Dangers of Lead Poisoning from Paint

Lead poisoning is uncommon in 2017 but is still something to look out for. Besides, there are medieval accounts of detrimental effects of the material, so we have known for a while. So, if you have ever wondered why lead was removed from pencils, paint and petrol, we have some insight below:


Lead poisoning can cause damage to the body and brain. The kidneys, nervous system and digestion can all be damaged. Growth can also be slowed, while pregnancies become ill-advised and fertility is risked.

On the other hand, learning disabilities and issues with speech, behaviour and language are all linked to the negative effects of exposure to lead-based paint. In fact, there has been a study connecting the reduction in crime, in recent years, to the discontinuation of lead in petrol and paint.


Naturally, some of the less-severe symptoms of lead poisoning coincide with those of other ailments. Those affected can expect to experience digestive issues, abdominal pain/cramps and headaches. Increasingly aggressive behaviour, fatigue and kidney dysfunction may also occur in patients.

More serious indications of lead poisoning include; vomiting, muscle weakness, seizures and even coma. All degrees of symptoms should be addressed with medical attention, but these especially should be seen to immediately.


Lead poisoning mainly comes as a result of exposure to particles in the air of old buildings. Window/door frames and stairs are indicative of the substance, which is only a true danger when the paint is peeling. The material may also be found in toys and household items from before 1990 (UK) or 1976 (US). Children are also most vulnerable in this aspect because of their inclination to put their fingers, toys or other items in their mouths. The ingestion of the toxins from lead is what, generally, cause lead poisoning.

Although lead-based paint is now illegal for production and use, other than in cases of historical buildings and artwork, it is still possible to be affected by lead poisoning. Therefore, any signs of the substance should be dealt with by professionals, and symptoms dealt with by medical professionals.

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