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What is the Difference Between Industrial Painting and Commercial Painting

Many often use the terms industrial painting and commercial painting interchangeably as they don’t realise the distinct differences between the two. Having a large area painted is a financial investment so it is important that you are searching for the right company that can fit your needs. We here at Shirley Industrial Painters and Decorators will use the blog below to explore how commercial and industrial painting differs.

Commercial Painting

Painting on large, or commercial, scale areas is much more like residential painting. Although painting the area yourself can appear simpler at first, hiring a professional commercial painter will ensure the finest outcomes. Commercial painters are mostly there to support your company. They are skilled at recommending paint colours and assisting you in creating the ideal aesthetic for your store. However, they are also adept at adapting to your work schedule to ensure that your operations are disrupted as little as possible and providing you with a precise and thorough timeline before beginning.

Industrial Painting

The goal of industrial painting is to protect painted surfaces as effectively as possible. Industrial painting pertains to painting jobs done in facilities like factories and warehouses that aren’t open to the public or customers. Industrial painting decisions are usually practical; aesthetic appeal is not the main factor taken into account.

Durability is the most crucial factor in industrial painting. Customers and industrial painting crews are principally concerned with what kind of paint they employ to safeguard the surfaces and maintain the paint’s great appearance for as long as possible. Industrial painters don’t focus as much on aesthetics as commercial painters do. But that doesn’t mean that an industrial painter will work carelessly. Professional industrial painters arrive at the job site prepared to leave the space spotless and revitalised.

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