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What Types of Industrial Paint

Industrial painting covers a range of different surfaces, which means there need to be specialised paints to ensure the best coverage is achieved. Knowing what construction paint will be used for your project, and what the outcome will be, can really help you to envisage the final result and therefore inform your decision with an industrial painting company.

Here at Shirley Industrial Painters & Decorators Limited, we are industrial painting experts, so we have detailed the main types of paint we use in our projects to help better inform you when you hire an industrial painting company.

Anti-Corrosive Paint

Generally used on metal such as pipes, anti-corrosive paint – as the name suggests – is designed to provide a corrosion resistant coating to the material. Cheap and long-lasting, anti-corrosive paint is commonly used as an effective protective coating in construction.

Bituminous Paint

This kind of paint is made by dissolving asphalt in petroleum or white spirit, bituminous paint is often used for coating metal underwater (i.e. iron pipes carrying water). This is done because the main benefit of this kind of paint is its resistance to alkalis.

Cement-Based Paint

This is a kind of paint widely used to waterproof certain surfaces and often comes in powder form so the right consistency can be achieved specifically for the task at hand. You may find cement-based paint both internally and externally due to its waterproof and durable.

Synthetic Rubber Paint

Synthetic rubber paint is very versatile and provides a lot of benefits for the material it’s applied to, which is most often concrete. After a suitable pigment is added for the desired colour, this type of construction paint will then resist against rain, sunlight, acids, alkalis, and other moisture. It also dries quickly and provides good coverage of a surface, which helps its popularity.

Silicate Paints

Great for resisting heat, silicate paints are often applied to metals that are subject to hot conditions as they never react with the metal and maintain their coverage. The adhesion of these paints is strong and forms a hard surface once dry.

Graphite Paints

Graphite paints, which take their name from being made using graphite, giving them a black pigment, are generally used to paint underground structures (such as mines) and iron.

Plastic Paints

Used in a whole host of applications, such as walls, slabs, decks, etc., plastic paints are versatile and useful. They provide a good, clean appearance thanks to good coverage and also come in a range of colours. They are also known for drying quickly as a result of being made using plastic as the base.

Enamel Paints

Enamel paints are known for drying slowly but providing an impervious coating once set. They are resistant to acid, alkali, gas fumes, water, and more, and provide excellent, smooth covering in an almost limitless number of colours.

You might find enamel paint on doors, windows, stairs, and other, high-traffic zones.

Emulsion Paints

Emulsion paints are perhaps the most common for a domestic audience as they are commonly used to paint plastered walls and masonry. Their benefits are a wide range of colours, resistance to alkali, quick drying and washable with water.

Colloidal Paints

This kind of paint is quite uncommon but is characterised as taking a long time to settle, penetrating the body of the surface upon which it is applied to form a strong bond.

Oil Paint

Oil paints are widely used as a result of being economical and easy to apply, which means they are used in all settings such as walls, doors, windows, and metals. The coverage is also very consistent and they become more durable with the longer they take to dry. They are, however, not very good with humidity.

Great Information for Your Project

And there you have a quick guide to the most common industrial paints, which will help you when it comes to discussing your project with an industrial painting company and help make sure you get the right results.

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