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What is Shot Blasting?

What is shot blasting? Well, essentially, it’s the process of cleaning or polishing a surface using blast media, which are propelled toward the intended surface using compressed air, among other methods of propulsion.

Often, shot blasting is used on metals, but there are many other implementations of this process that can benefit materials like concrete, wood brick and lead paint-coated surfaces. Here at Shirley Industrial Painters, we wanted to delve into the details of shot blasting, which is often overlooked in terms of its importance.


So, what is shot blasting? What is the process? As is true with anything, preparation is required. Decisions are made regarding the appropriate blast media, pressure and precautions at this point. It’s important for the contractors to take into account the effects of the surface they are working with in order to consider the correct dust containment methods so that potentially harmful particles are not released into the air.

Next, after all decisions and plans are made, the blasting process begins. The correct shots and pressure will be applied to the desired surface with a meticulous approach, informed by proper training and preparation, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of cleaning or preparing the surface of choice. There are consistent checks to be made throughout this in order to ensure all aspects are working in harmony and there are no issues arising.

Finally, the aftermath of the shot blasting process can be dealt with. Cleaning up the environment surrounding the afflicted surface is imperative considering the debris can be harmful. Any blast media that remains should then be gathered to be reused, although the shot blasting machine itself will have gathered the majority as it was used.

So, to answer the question, “what is shot blasting?”, you must take into consideration the process and its intended results. Shot blasting is the process of propelling ‘pellets’, using different forms of energy from water to wheels, in order to change the properties or appearance of a material.

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